We are looking for the best projects, that demonstrate a positive impact on the environment, but that will also and foremost be sustainable from a business standpoint and have a significant potential return on investment. Projects may come from everywhere, as long as they fit the following requirements:

  • One or many team members must commit themselves 100% to the program.
  • Projects must be in clean technologies and have a clear impact on the environment.
  • All team members must accept and go through a standard background check.

Selection Criteria

We are using the following but not necessarily exclusive list of criteria:

  • Convinced and convincing team of entrepreneurs.
  • Project of developing a product or service directly related to clean technologies and having the potential to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Large potential and reachable market size.
  • Address a problem that is a real pain and/or offers a solution that is more a must-have than a nice to have.
  • Project is built on a technology that is not infringing on existing ones and is subject to strong IP protection.
  • Project is achievable in a realistic timeframe and with reasonable funding.
  • Solution can be scaled up on an industrial and commercial basis in a realistic timeframe (e.g. less than 5-7 years) and with justifiable capital funding needs.
  • Team experience, entrepreneurship and motivation.

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