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Alexandre Taillefer
Managing Partner, XPND Capital
Andrée-Lise Méthot
Founder & Managing  Partner, Cycle Capital Management
Hubert Manseau
Strategic Advisor,
Cycle Capital Management
Mike Grandinetti
Global Discipline Lead & Global Professor,
Hult International Business School
Simon Olivier
Vice President Growth, GE Canada
Steven Guilbeault
Cofounder and Senior Director, Equiterre
Claude Champagne
Entrepreneur in Residence, Cycle Capital Management
Louis Carbonneau
Tangible IP
Antonella Penta
Partner, Corporate,
Andrew Abdalla
Partner, MNP
Normand Bergeron
Senior Advisor, Deloitte
Anne-Marie Bourgeois
Vice President Investments, EnerTech Capital
Richard Cloutier
President and CEO, Ecofuel
Michael Dennis
Investment Manager, Innovacorp
Charles Dupuy
Co-Founder, VP Finance and Chief Financial Officer, Maetta Sciences
Richard P. Eno
Independent Management Advisor 
Ben Forcier
Cycle Capital Management
Sean Frisky
President & CEO, Ground Effects Environmental Services
David T. Fung
Richard Gendron
YWire Technologies
Nicolas Gravel
Director, Strategic Investments & Partnerships, 
BDC Capital
Véronique Hervouet
Senior Vice President, Investments, 
Total Energy Ventures
Jane Kearns
Senior Advisor, Cleantech, 
Steve Kyryk
Hobbs & Towne
Jean Lamarre
Managing Partner, 
Lamarre Consultants
Richard Legault
Eocycle Technologies Inc.
Charles Morand
Associate Director, Strategic Investments & Partnerships, 
BDC Capital
John Oliver
Maple Leaf Bio-Concepts
Guy Ouimet
Managing Partner, 
Celtis Capital
Roland Olsen
Senior Partner, 
Hobbs & Towne
Marc-Antoine Pelletier
Director, Business Development, 
Groupe Systemex
Rick Petersen
Blu Communications
Rick Smith
Independent Consultant 
Shirley Speakman
Cycle Capital Management
Amit Srivastava
Senior Partner, 
Cycle Capital Management
Bill Smith
Investor and independent advisor 
Claude Vachet
Managing Partner, 
Cycle Capital Management
Tony Van Bommel
Senior Managing Partner, Industrial, Clean and Energy Technology Venture Fund,
BDC Capital
Étienne Veilleux
President & CEO, 
Distech Controls
Mike Walkinshaw
Managing Partner, 
Fronterra Ventures
Clark Wiedetz
Director of Alternative Energy, 
Christian Zabbal
Managing Director, 
Black Coral Capital

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