Accelerated companies

Fall 2020 Cohort

Head office: Montreal, Quebec.
Subsectors: Agtech

Circulus Agtech valorizes manure from fish and chicken farmers, using a unique bioreactor technology and worms to produce liquid organic fertilizer suitable for hydroponics

Head office: Sherbrooke, Quebec.
Subsectors: Energy

CSAR Energy develops and commercializes electric reactors producing clean fuels and renewable chemicals

Head office: Montreal, Quebec.
Subsectors: Transport

FTEX designs and builds power management systems that increase the range of small electrical vehicles by up to 30%.

Head office: Quebec, Quebec.
Subsectors: Water

Geosapiens offers a web platform to help municipalities and insurance companies to better assess and manage flood risks

Head office: Russell, Ontario
Subsectors: Energy

RePowered Batteries takes batteries that have reached their end of life in commercial vehicle applications and put them back to work storing energy. They are working at bringing a new capacity-based rental model to the battery world.

Initiation Cohort

Head office: Montreal, Quebec.
Subsectors: Water

Bello Solutions designs the first water dispenser that helps you create your own pure and personalized water.

Head office: Montreal, Quebec.
Subsectors: Energy

Moduly helps families to become independent of their electricity grid by giving them control of their energy ecosystem by promoting the environmental impact, by the self-consumption of renewable and sustainable energy.

Spring 2020 Cohort

Head office: Montreal, Quebec.
Subsectors: Industrial/Manufacturing

B3D Performance specializes in additive manufacturing (3D printing) using metal powders. We develop instrumentation to monitor the powder quality to reduce production costs and minimize the impact on the environment.

Head office: Montreal, Quebec.
Subsectors: Energy

Extergy We are developing a building energy consumption and optimization model based on AI-platform to simulate energy usage of different types of buildings instantly and propose improvement scenarios to reduce the energy consumption. It is an integrated energy management tool that contributes to a more sustainable world.

Head office: Montreal, Quebec.
Subsectors: Industrial/Manufacturing

GRAD4 connect buyers and suppliers in the manufacturing industry with its online platform. They allow the creation of a proximity supply chain thus reducing the need to outsource production overseas while also creating an efficient subcontracting process.

Head office: Gatineau, Quebec.
Subsectors: Air/Environment

Planetary Hydrogen produces ultra-clean hydrogen while capturing and storing carbon dioxide directly out of the air and reducing harmful ocean acidification.

Head office: Gatineau, Quebec.
Subsectors: Industrial / Manufacturing

Rithmik Solutions prevents costly downtime in mines with advanced analytics that help optimize maintenance and extend equipment life.

Initiation Cohort

Head office: Montreal, Quebec.
Subsectors: Agtech

Boomerang enhances, by collecting and transforming into flour, the drafts of beer, residues from the brewing of cereals by local microbreweries.

Head office: Montreal, Quebec.
Subsectors: Recycling

NeoCtech has developed an innovative technology aimed at producing critical materials from streams of recycled waste which are essential in clean technologies.

Head office: Montreal, Quebec.
Subsectors: Transportation

Rival Lab solution combines hardware & software to allow truck platoons to increase energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions by reducing drag through an organized network.

Fall 2019 Cohort

Calogy Solutions proposes innovative thermal management for Li-ion batteries in electric transportation applications.

Chrysalabs offers reliable real-time soil data.

Axipolymer offers GrinLoop™ technology allowing new recyclable high oxygen barrier packaging applications.

Pyrocyle offers a novel thermochemical process to recycle end-of-life electronic waste.

Spring 2019 Cohort

Bosk develops REGEN : a new generation of compostable bioplastics, a solution to the global plastic waste accumulation problem.

ADCT develops Thermal Rail™ a high-efficiency cooling technology that enables waste heat to be used for innovative new uses.

Impactful Health R&D develops compostable active packaging to prolong shelf life of fresh foods starting with fish as an entry market.

OPA Technologies develops the first software in the world for managing traffic obstructions and road mobility with a single click.

SG2B develops software for smart power system planning enabling greener, more accessible and reliable energy.

Fall 2018 Cohort

BluWave-AI AI-based platform that optimizes the operation of smart grid and micro-grids.

GeeBee develops innovative electric scooter.

Lekla develops solar optical filters and power stations for remote locations.

Nexus Robotics develops autonomous robotic solution for agriculture using machine learning.

BioAlert develops detection equipment to prevent legionella contamination.

Tero develops small household composting solution.

Spring 2018 Cohort

Aecopaq develops fiber-based food packaging.

Gigrow develops injection rotary cultivation systems.

Potloc is a big data management and analysis platform for the retail industry.

Maxwellian develops a universal optical sensing technology for harsh environment monitoring. is a data acquisition platform for the building energy optimisation.

Fall 2017 Cohort

Biotechnologies Ulysse develops bacterial solutions for the treatment of plant.

Helios UAV develops high quality data acquisition solutions by drone for mining industry, geophysics, geomatics, civil engineering and environment.

Spring 2017 Cohort

GRABville has developed a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform using machine learning that connects cities, collectors & citizens on a 24/7 online marketplace for waste management.

MATERIUM has developed Matspheresan innovative patented silica based microsphere technology, providing 300% increase in water treatment fermentation and enzymes immobilization.

NeoThermal Energy Storage Inc. (NeoTES™) is making the world’s most efficient electric thermal storage (ETS) room heater for indoor supplemental heating (ThermoBank™). It has also developed patent-pending chemical heat storage cells.

SPARK Microsystems is bringing to market a wireless connectivity chip that will reduce the reliance of wirelessly connected objects on batteries by being much more energy efficient and faster than today’s low energy wireless technologies.

Fall 2016 Cohort

AEPONYX is the leader in micro optical switch chips design and marketing for greener fiber optic access to the cloud.

ARDA Power is an emerging Canadian cleantech company that uses its patent pending DC-DC converter and DC microgrid control technologies to deliver the first fully plug-and-play system for microgrids using renewable energy.

BioMatrix is actively commercializing NaquaPureTM, their first nanotechnology product that effectively removes heavy metals from contaminated industrial waste-water.

Électrobac, known for its smart bin network, is an e-waste collection company specialized in small electronics. The company also has a corporate buy back program for used cellphones.

Jaza Energy electrifies last mile communities using centralized solar energy hubs.

Spring 2016 cohort

Lito makes the first 100% electric luxury motorcycle, the Sora. This vehicle provides a maximum range of 200 km and an impressive acceleration.

Azastra Opto is a business founded in 2013 that focuses on the development and sales of optoelectronic components such as high efficiency optocouplers for hybrid and electric cars and high performance phototransducers for a wide range of applications using optical fiber for power transmission.

Kelvin Storage designed an energy storage unit transforming power produced in off peak hours in high temperature energy to redistribute it in a thermal form. Their system allows a better power supply management and reduces greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Fall 2015 cohort

Inno-3B designs, develops and installs CEPS (Controlled Environment Plant Production System), which is a controlled environment agriculture platform. This closed environment technology is a new production platform that can be adapted to a large variety of plants for food and pharmaceutical applications.

Island Water Technologies develops modular, self-powered and self-monitoring wastewater treatment solutions for domestic and industrial applications. The treatment platform has a low-energy footprint, is easily deployable and is ideally suited for off-grid users including temporary military bases, mining camps, disaster relief and remote communities.

Mogile Technologies is the creator of ChargeHub, a cloud service with mobile and web platforms that enables the interaction of electric vehicle drivers with charging stations and with other electric vehicle drivers all over North America.

Polystyvert recycles polysterene, better known as styrofoam. It offers a polystyrene waste collection service and the polystyrene recycled by Polystyvert’s technology is of a very high quality grade, comparable to virgin polystyrene.

Spring 2015 cohort

Netlift is a multimodal ridesharing matching application. The technology connects private cars to the public transit using an “origin-destination” methodology. The Netlift service makes ridesharing a cost effective solution which enhances the commuting experience.

SabrTech has created the RiverBox, the worlds first modular, scalable, and rapidly deployable algae farm, which can produce algal biomass worldwide for the aquaculture, fuel, neutraceutical, chemical and personal care markets.

FilmOrganic specializes in the development and production of 100% compostable mulch films aimed at increasing agricultural productivity. FilmOrganic’s technology is effective, environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

Canetique has developed an electrochemical device that enables on-site, economical, scalable and ecological hydrogen peroxide generation for industrial users.